Aso's privacy policy is as liberal as possible, i.e. Incom only collects information necessary in order for Aso to work properly:

Aso uses Firebase as a backend service, which is provided by Google. If you want to find out how Google uses information from our application, visit the following link:

Information on the specific privacy related activity of each Firebase service is available on the following site:
The Firebase services used by Aso are "Cloud Firestore", "Cloud Storage for Firebase", "Firebase Remote Config", "Firebase Hosting" (if you visit, "Firebase Authentication", "Firebase Dynamic Links", "Firebase Performance Monitoring", "Firebase Cloud Messaging", "Firebase Crashlytics", and "Google Analytics for Firebase".

Terms for Firebase Crashlytics are available at and by using that service, Aso is also subject to Fabric's "Data processing and Security Terms" (

More about the privacy policy of "Google Analytics for Firebase" specifically can be found here:
Incom itself only uses this service in Aso to analyze the user experience, i.e. to understand how our users interact with the application. This can be tracking specific events (e.g. opening the application, creating a post etc.), which are then sent to Firebase. This helps us to ensure that the application is working as intended and also helps to improve the user experience in general.

Every user is associated with a unique identifier, i.e. a string of random characters:

If there are any further questions or inquries regarding this policy, contact via email. This privacy policy is up to date as of November 10, 2019.